2023/08/21 TIME閱讀解析 27 - 核能時刻已經到來

Nuclear Energy's Moment Has Come


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For all the recent talk about clean energy and a shift away from coal, there’s a major problem in our goal to transition to a net zero-carbon economy. Despite all the growth and advances in renewable energy, globally we consume more fossil fuels than ever, and our rate of CO2 production is in fact increasing, not heading to zero.

But there’s a bipartisan, environmentally friendly solution still sitting on the table, still waiting for its moment — if only we can overcome our predetermined bias.

Most known as the physicist in charge of the Manhattan Project’s Los Alamos Laboratory during WWII, JRO and many other prominent scientists noted that humanity reached a new milestone following the detonation of the first atomic bomb. In witnessing a technology sufficiently powerful to destroy humanity, they also recognized its potential for collective good — that it required a new level of unity to address common threats. JRO and others recommended that the only safe path forward was global scientific cooperation, especially in an effort to avoid international arms races. That level of cooperation is necessary to face today’s threats from exponential technological growth.




1.    predetermined  [ˌpri:.dIˈt3:.mInd]  adj. 先決的;事先安排的
The outcome of the experiment was not influenced by external factors; instead, it was solely determined by the predetermined variables.

2.    prominent  [ˈpra:.mE.nEnt]  adj. 著名的;重要的
John is a prominent figure in the field of astrophysics, having published numerous groundbreaking papers and received international recognition for his research.

3.    exponential  [ˌek.spEˈnenSEl]  adj. (增長)越來越快的;呈指數成長
The advancements in technology have led to an exponential growth in communication capabilities.



1.    shift away from 轉型、改變;遠離某事物
The government needs to accelerate the shift away from traditional manufacturing towards high-tech industries to stay competitive in the global market.

2. on the table  (計畫、建議)被列入考慮、討論當中
With multiple proposals on the table, the committee is currently reviewing and comparing different approaches to solve the housing crisis.

3.    sitting on  處於可用、可實現的狀態
There is a pool of highly skilled professionals sitting on the sidelines, eager to demonstrate their expertise and make valuable contributions to the company's growth.

1. Despite + N/V-ing  儘管
Despite facing numerous challenges, she persevered and achieved her goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.儘管面臨種種挑戰,他堅持不懈,最終達成了成為成功企業家的目標。
2. If only + S + had p.p. …  要是
If only作為表達後悔、願望或希望的用法,用以表示對過去或現在狀況的渴望改變,或者希望某事發生。因為if only後通常接與發生的事相反的願望,所以一般接用had + 過去分詞。
If only I had listened to my parents' advice, I wouldn't have made such a big mistake.



1.    比較級 (comparatives)
比較級用於將兩個事物進行比較,表達其中一個事物在某個屬性上的程度較高或較低。比較級通常使用 "more + 形容詞/副詞" 或 "-er" 來形成,並且常伴隨著than引導的比較對象。
在節選文章, “more fossil fuels than ever” 當中more than ever是常出現的用法,強調與以往程度上的增加與差異。


2.    虛擬語氣
節選文中 “That level of cooperation is necessary to face today’s threats from exponential technological growth.” 使用了虛擬語氣,以表達對於目前威脅的假設或建議,通常除了假設與建議之外,虛擬語氣也用於願望、尚未成為現實或非現實的假設情況。
It is essential that governments cooperate closely to mitigate the impact of climate change. (政府之間密切合作對於減緩氣候變化的影響至關重要。)



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